Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank You For Being A Friend

Welcome Back to "Connie's Purse"...In Today's purse I want to discuss "Friendship"
Friend-One attached to another by affection or esteem; a person who you like and enjoy being with.
Friendship-the state of being friends the quality or state of being friendly.
I listed the definitions of friend and friendship because I want you to think about the question: are you being the best friend that you can be?
When we see the word “friend” most people can immediately associate the word with their favorite friend’s face, or maybe even a few names may come to mind.
Everyone has or has had a best friend at some point in their life, but there is nothing wrong with simply being a friend.
When I think of the word friend I think of a person that I love and care for, and someone that I will do anything that I can to help them.  A friend is a good listener, someone I can confide in and a provider of unconditional love. A friend is not a judge of my character; she is someone ready and willing to offer sound advice. A friend trusts me enough to take only advice that I need to help me through my situation.
Aintee Connie was a friend to many, but she was a very special friend to me.  Sometimes you find friendships in people that you least expect to. She was my aintee/friend and I am sure that it must have been difficult at times to keep the friendship side together, but she managed them both very well.  The advice she would give me really made me look at my situation in a different light. The affection she gave me was like nothing I had experienced before. Aintee made me feel like the sky was the limit and I always knew that she was behind me and believed in everything I did one hundred percent. I learned to try new things from her whether it was food, or a new lipstick color, or a bold color dress; she was a lady that loved color and didn’t mind taking a chance and trying something new. The personality she had was bigger than life and I think some of that rubbed off on me and I Love it. She taught me not to get wrapped up into being or having the title of best friend, but to be just a good friend. She taught me that a good friend uses his or her talents and ability to make a difference in someone’s life. Think about it everyone has learned a valuable lesson from a friend at some point in life good or bad.
When I think about the friend I had in Aintee Connie it brings joy to my heart. It makes me feel blessed to have shared such a special relationship with her. She was the type of friend that you felt comfortable with right away. She could pick up on the sound in my voice and tell what mood I was in immediately. What a friend I had in Aintee, I could tell her anything and my secret was safe. Aintee had a gift when it came to being a friend. People that knew her for a short period of time felt as if she had been a friend for life time.
Let’s all take a lesson from Aintee Connie and be the best friend that we can be. Don’t get caught up in having a title or rank with a person just simply be a friend. Friendship is not a competition; it’s a special relationship that should hold a significant place in your heart and it should be genuine.
Aintee Connie, Thank you for being such a good friend to me. I think this is the relationship that I will miss most.
So, grab your friendship purse, take out your cell phone and call your friend today. Send a text message or an email and thank them for simply being a friend.
Of course, I am going to leave you with a song that remind me of Aintee. Listen to the words of The Golden Girls' Theme Song. It describes Aintee Connie perfectly.

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