Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pictures from Connie's Camera

Hi There and Welcome Back to Connie's Purse.

As I was starting to write for today's post a picture came up on the screen saver on Aintee Connie's laptop. I started looking at all the pictures Aintee Connie had on her computer and decided to post some. This is a big step for me because I originally had her laptop to retrieve pictures for a tribute booklet. I gathered a few and the laptop was sitting on my shelf not being used. I felt as if she was going to come by and pick it up at some point as I was having difficulty accepting that she was no longer with me. I am still in the process of acceptance but it's getting better. It wasn't until I started blogging 4 months after her passing that I was able to pick it up and log in because my kids were always working our computer. Last night I started viewing pictures from 2005 and I made it to 2008 and then I started to have a I miss my Aintee so much moment:-( They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I hope you understand that I couldn't write last night. All I could do is look at the pictures from Aintee Connie's perspective. She took pictures of everything. I will continue to do this from time to time because she has so many. What a great gift she left us. Enjoy!

Cubs Game in 2008. Aintee Connie, My Husband Clarence, Me. 2nd row Uncle Terri, Aintee good friend Barbara. The sun was bright that day.

Aintee Connie & Uncle Terri at Cubs Game

One of the things that Aintee would do is make sure we dressed for the occasion. I loved that because that gave us a reason to go shopping.

This is Ponce, Aintee's only son, my sister Meka and niece Taylor. These are the babies of the family.We were at Aintee's house for an art show.

She was always having something and exposing us to new things.

Our family after my sister's graduation from college "2005"
These pictures reminded me that she was always there for us. She attended just about every event we had.

Uncle Terri & Aintee Connie at our 5th Year Anniversary Party "2005".

Aintee at Auto Show in Chicago
Check out the purse

A dance floor in the park? I told you guys she went to some of the best events.

Here she is again up on the dance floor having a good time.

I would like everyone to start taking your camera with you take pictures when you can and build memories. Some day memories will be the only thing that your family has left. This is a wonderful gift Aintee Connie left so that I can share. There is more to come. You may see yourself in the next set.

If you have a favorite picture of Aintee Connie that you would like to share please email it to me at

Until next time here is a stepper song one of Aintee's favorite dances to do when she went out. It goes with today's topic of taking pictures and building memories.


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