Friday, May 20, 2011

Connie's "Classy Cocktail"


In celebration of us making it through another week and It’s The Weekend!!

I wanted to share the recipe for "Connie's Classy Cocktail" with you.

Everyone who knew Aintee Connie knew that she loved to have a good time and mix cocktails. My husband and I came up with the perfect cocktail mix in remembrance of “Aintee Connie”. We have them at our events and we hope that you will share one with your family & friends and your next event.

You Will Need: 

Absolut-Berry Acai Flavor
Raspberry Lemonade
Muddled Strawberries and Raspberries
Garnish with Lemon

Mix Absolut and Raspberry Lemonade (For every shot of absolut add 2 shots of raspberry lemonade)
Add Ice and mix in shaker.

Add muddled strawberries and Raspberries in bottom of glass add mixed drink and put lemon slice on side of glass.

Make a toast for Connie and Enjoy!!!

Reminder that next week is “Don’t Forget About You Friday”. If you have items that you would like to share please send me an email.

Have A Great Weekend!!

Go Bulls!

Until next time let’s live life and love life.
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