Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Connect-The-Dots To Healing

Connect-The-Dots to Healing
Do you remember the worksheets with connect-the-dots?
Connect-the-dots are worksheets with dots on them with numbers or letters. Connect-the-dots worksheets are mainly used for young kids to enhance their learning skills in counting and alphabet. The finished worksheet is usually an animal or a picture of some sort. As you start to connect the dots you start to get an idea of what it is before it’s complete. Once you have connected each dot correctly you start to get excited to see the finished product.
I am having a connect-the-dots moment in my adult life.
*Dot number 1 started when I returned to work for the first time after Aintee Connie passed away. My supervisor gave me a number to call for counseling and I did that same day.
*Dot number 2 started when I met Sarah, my therapist a week after I called.
*Dot number 3 started when Sarah gave me a resource for group counseling. I called and I met another therapist named Karen.
*Dot number 4 started when Sarah began to read my mind and suggested I start a blog because Sarah was really on me about keeping a journal.  She put me in touch with a friend of hers named Cheryl.
*Dot number 5 started when Cheryl emailed me the link to her blog My Sisters Cottage dedicated to her sister Nancy.  Nancy passed away after a battle with cancer a few months before Aintee.
The dots have been connecting every since.
*Thanksgiving Sarah gave me a memorial candle to have in memory of Aintee. That triggered me to make Connie candles for my mom, sister, and cousin. So we can burn them when we need to be close to Aintee.



*Karen works for a company that specializes in grief counseling. In my initial, intake the group that was in session was about to end. So, Karen offered me individual counseling until the next group started this spring.
*When I started blogging Feb. 1st, Cheryl welcomed me with open arms. She was one of my first followers and so was Sarah. Cheryl was able to help me with set up questions and blog parties. We developed a connection through the loss of our loved one.
*Through blogging I found Myia who I never met. (Her story is featured on blog dated 2-10-11 "Connie Girl") She knew Aintee and a lot about me from what Aintee told her personally. This touched my heart like you would never imagine. Myia and I often exchange emails and she sends me daily inspirational text messages. I plan to meet her in April for spring break when I visit Ernestine.
*I have been blessed with friends at work, Millie and Christel who are understanding and allow me to have a moment when we are at work. They take the time to listen and offer advice. I Love You Guys!!!
*Aintee’s co-workers (old and new) still call, text and email to check on us. The special ladies in Aintee’s life Ernestine, Gwen and Lil-Red check on me often. It’s all out of Love for Aintee. They are my connection to her and I am their connection to her.
*The Love of my family and good friends that knew the special relationship that I shared with Aintee has been keeping a close eye on me. I appreciate every lunch, dinner, conversation, text message, email, visit but most importantly the love and support. You will never understand what this meant to me.
*Know I am five months in, still connecting the dots and I am excited to see the finished product.
I want to share the special gifts that made me think about my life in a connect-the-dots way.
 I had a tough day at work on Friday, and when I got home I had a package from Cheryl.
Here it is…

 It’s a magnet!! This is Connie’s style all the way!!
Thank you Cheryl for the magnet it’s in a new home on my night stand. Every morning I can think about the blog dedicated to Aintee Connie and smile in my heart and know that I now have a blog girlfriend.
Thursday, after a tough love session with Karen. Our session was mainly about is Aintee presence with me.  Karen stressed that she is still with me while constantly pointing at the heart. At the end of the session Karen gave me flowers.

Flowers were the confirmation that she is still with me.
Aintee Connie and I would go to Trader Joes often and buy fresh flowers and a bottle of wine.
*These acts of kindness, the candle, the magnet, the flowers and the relationships I have was that Aintee speaking to me. Through these ladies I see a reminder that she is with me all the way.
*I had to share this with you because GOD is a provider and he will provide what you need when it’s needed.
When was the last time you connected the dots in your life?
*You see how all the dots are connecting in my life. I am so excited because it’s truly amazing. I’m just glad GOD has placed the right people in my life so that I can see it.
My connected dots are starting to spell out BLESSED and I am eager to see the finished product.
Sometimes you can’t see the full picture but be patient and you will.
Although this has been a rough road for me and my family, GOD is providing us with all the resources and tools necessary to carry on. Everything and everyone in my life are right where they need to be.
Thanks to all that care for us. Aintee Connie is with me right in my heart just like she was from the start.
Carry on with life and connect your dots when all of the dots start to form and work together for the good it makes life worth living.
Death is a tragic thing only if you haven’t lived.-Tyler Perry
Aintee Connie lived her life. How will you live yours?
Connect those dots………………………………………………………………………………………
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