Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Magazine House

“Magazine House”
As the spring time approaches, I have been thinking about what rooms/areas around the house I would like to spruce up a bit. Aintee Connie came across my mind as I thought about her house and how well kept it was.
Aintee Connie lived in what our family refers to as a “Magazine House”.  I believe every woman strives to have a “Magazine House”. A magazine house is a well organized house, everything having its place, looking like a picture from the magazine, because it’s so neat... It’s very clean, clutter free and it smells good.  I take that back; the only places in Aintee’s house that had clutter were her closets because she loved to shop. LOL! She was very good with color coordination, and decorated for every holiday or just because. Aintee Connie and my mom started teaching us about cleaning very early in life. We would have to get up early on Saturday mornings and clean the house from top to bottom before anyone could go out and play. I believe all of the kids have carried that trait of cleanliness with them. Aintee and I would often shop at Crate & Barrel, CB2, Home Goods and Marshall’s to get ideas for the house or to pick up items to make the house look dainty. Aintee has inspired me in so many ways with decorating. It’s hard to look around my house without thinking of her. For most of the things that I have in my house, she either told me about them, picked them out, or bought them for me. I started to give up on the idea of having a magazine house when my kids were small but now since they are all teenagers I have started my journey.  As you think about projects and things to change in your house this spring, think of Aintee Connie and her magazine house ways. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a magazine house, but starting to get things organized is a great start. I’m starting with organizing my documents and files. I will follow up with you guys with my progress. What project are you starting with? Email me or leave a comment and let me know.
In the meantime, I would like to leave you with some pictures I found of Aintee’s house...

This is Aintee Connie's dining room

This is the kitchen counter "Thanksgiving 2009"
This is the living room; you see how eveything is in place

Here is a wall my husband and I put together in our house with a little inspiration from Aintee Connie. She purchased this clock for us as a house warming gift and this is what we did with it.
A strange thing happened on the day she passed away the batteries went out and this very same clock she bought for us stop ticking. My husband replaced the batteries and it's going again. I love to look at this clock everyday it reminds me that we are only here for a period of time and we should enjoy every moment because we never know when our battery will stop working.

If you want that "Magazine House" you have alway's dreamed of...Make it happen. Your home should be a reflection of you and filled with the things you like and over flowing with Love.

Until next time...Enjoy this beautiful day and think about some things you would like to tidy up in your house, in your life, because we only have one life to live.

Have a fabulous "Magazine House" Day!

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