Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salmon Croquettes "Connie Style"

Salmon Croquettes
“Connie Style”
In today’s purse we are making Salmon Croquette’s "Connie Style".
Aintee Connie loved fish. I think she ate just about any type of fish prepared many different ways. Today, I would like to show you what I remember about Aintee and my Mommy cooking Salmon Croquettes. Aintee would have them for breakfast with grits and scrambled eggs. I have seen her prepare them for lunch or dinner with some light fluffy rice. This is the way I remember her preparing them. They were so delicious. My daughter and I attempted to make Salmon Croquettes, “Connie Style”.
o   2 cans of Pillar Rock Pink Salmon
o   4 tablespoons Green Onions diced
o   ½ Yellow Onion diced
o   Yellow Corn Meal
o   1 Egg Beaten
o   Vegetable Oil for Frying
Prep Time about 15 minutes-Cook time 10 minutes-2 cans make 8 patties
1.   In a large bowl mix 2 cans of salmon, green onions, yellow onions and egg. Mix well and remove the little white pieces from the salmon.
2.      Form into patties and dust with yellow corn meal both sides
      3.      Over medium heat, heat oil in medium skillet
4.      Fry until golden brown about 2 minutes each side.
Side Dishes Recommended
Fluffy White Rice
Corn on the Cob

Here are our finished Salmon Croquettes "Connie Style". We even added a glass of wine.

Thank You for cooking with me Kyana. I really enjoyed our mother daughter time together and our dish look fantastic. It reminded me of the time Aintee Connie and my Mom spent in the kitchen with me sharing receipes.
We hope that you will try"Connie Style" Salmon Croquettes and let us know how you like them.

Have a great day!
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