Friday, September 23, 2011

Do Something In Memory of "Aintee Connie"

Happy Friday Good People!!!
I hope that everyone had a fantastic week. This week went entirely too fast. I often wonder how did I work and maintain my life because even being unemployed I have been very busy!!!
Next week on September 28th will be the 1 year anniversary to my Dear Aintee Connie’s passing. Even now it’s still so hard to accept that she is gone. As difficult as it is I know that she is watching over us we just can’t see her.  Some days, I just wish that heaven had a phone so that we could check in. Keep us lifted in prayer as we face next week with all of our strength to gather the pieces and move forward. We haven’t quite decided what we will do yet but we will be together as a family. If anyone wants to join us please send me an email. If you can’t join us please do something in memory of Aintee Connie even if it’s to offer kind words, send someone you love a email or a card in the mail, stop by to see someone you haven’t seen in a while, wear something fashionable or something that reminds you of her or simply share a smile as Aintee Connie often did. Whatever you decide, I’m sure she will be pleased. If you would like to share your, “Do something in memory of Aintee Connie” with Connie’s Purse followers please leave a comment or send me an emailJ.

With that being said, I know she would be so proud of this blog and all of the positive things that’s happening in her memory.

 I would like to announce the 50 Follower Diva Sunglass case Winner. Drum Roll………………
The Winner is “GWEN” CONGRATULATIONS GWEN!!! I will be in touch with you so that you can claim your prize.

Thank You all for being loyal Connie’s Purse followers. My next goal is 100 followers and I am well on my way. I hope to be able to share even more of Aintee Connie’s life & the lasting impression she has left with so many of us.
Thank You Aintee Connie for all you’ve done for us. We love you & miss you much.
Fear not tomorrow; God is already there. (Myia)

Until next time let’s live life and love life.

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