Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet "Ms. Connie"

Welcome to “Connie’s Purse” Thank You for Stopping By...
In Today’s Purse I would like to introduce you to…” MS. CONNIE”
Connie was an admirable 53 year old queen and she was my”Aintee”.  She loved to shop, travel and celebrate, Oh yeah,and did I mention shop? Connie would rip the Chicago Magnificent Mile up with shopping. She loved clothes, shoes, coats, purses and anything to decorate the home. Aintee knew how and where to find the good deals at a nominal price.  Connie had a twin sister named Bonnie (My Mommy), seven brothers and one son Ponce. Then she had me and my sister who she loved as her daughters. Aintee would travel every chance she could get and if you couldn’t join her she would go alone and have a galaxy of friends by the time she returned. She had that magnetic personality that people were drawn to. OMG, don’t get me started about her parties. She would have some of the best soirees and when she wasn’t having one she knew where to find a good time and she knew how to deliver a good time. When I say GOD blessed this woman with so many great qualities and talents it’s almost unbelievable. She was a good friend, wife, co-worker, mom, sister, aunt, great aunt, customer, counselor, advice giver and the list goes on and on. Her heart was open and everyone was welcome.
 I hope to share with you some of the many blessings and lessons that I have learned from Ms. Connie as we keep her memory alive.  We are going to laugh, cry, live and love in Connie’s Purse. I plan to share tips on family, health, travel, shopping, recipes, events and most importantly; the importance of really enjoying life as she did.
So, sit back relax and enjoy the journey. “Were Gonna Have A Funky Good Time” ;-)
James Brown-Gonna Have A Funky Good Time
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