Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Connie Girl"

Welcome Back to "Connie's Purse"
In today's purse we have another guest author, Myia. Myia is a family friend for Minnesota. She would like to share her memories of Aintee with us.

Myia writes...

Missing Connie Girl…

Hello all, my name is Myia and it’s my pleasure to share my thoughts and memories of Connie; a very special woman who I was blessed to know and consider family.  NOT LIKE FAMILY, but family. I lovingly referred to her as “Connie Girl”. I may not have been biologically related to Connie, but yet Connie was family in every sense of the word. Connie truly touched the hearts of all that knew her.

There are many things I could say or express about Connie and her loving spirit, but what I’d like to share with you today is how Connie comforted me in my time of need. I believe God places Angels in our life for a certain reason; nothing is by chance nor a mistake when it comes to God. I know this for certain as I reflect back on the important role she played in my life just before her passing.

You see, Connie was in a group of family and friends that went on a cruise to celebrate Ernestine’s 60th birthday. Connie came along with my husband and I less than 2 weeks before her passing. As you all know Connie loved to travel!!!! All you had to do was mention a trip or an event, and Connie Girl was there, every time. She didn’t miss out on anything and I’m so very thankful for it, because little would I know about how I would come to rely on Connie during this cruise.

Tragically my husband DuWayne suffered a heart attack on the 4th day of the cruise. But God is good and he provided me with the people he knew I would need to see me through what ended up being a horrible ordeal. He knew and appointed my support system long before any of us stepped foot on that cruise ship. My husband ending up spending 4 days in the intensive care unit at one of the Island Hospitals. When I learned he was being admitted to the Island Hospital and & that we could not remain on the ship, I literally went into shock and immediate panic. But Connie jumped right into action and said, “Come on y’all we have to go help Myia get packed up”. As Connie consoled and reassured me my husband would be OK, she also lead everyone else in packing up and & praying too. I see now that God had appointed Connie as My Angel in time of need.

Although Connie and & the group had to continue the cruise without us, from that point on Connie kept in constant contact with me. To show you how God works, out of 8 people, Connie was the only one with a working cell phone!!!!

I remember being in the hospital at my husband’s bedside in total disbelief of what had happened and even more frightened of what lied ahead. I didn’t want my husband to see how upset I was, because the doctors Dr’s had made it clear of the importance of keeping him calm to not further damage his heart. So I got up and went into the bathroom and just dropped to me knees and began to pray & cry. I said “Lord I need you now, I trust and & rely on you and know you said you would never leave me nor forsake me. Please just send me a sign that everything is going to be OK”.

  I wiped my tears away and tried to gather myself before heading back in with my husband. I walked through the door to hear the nurse say “yes, she’s right here. Hang on,” then she passed me the phone. Sure enough it was Connie girl. She called me at the hospital, she called me at the hotel, and she helped put me in touch with our travel agent. She called me at the airport in St. Marteen; she called me at the airport in Miami. She was the first one to call me the morning we arrived home.

She was once again checking in to not only make sure we had arrived safely, but to tell me to make sure Duwayne went to the doctor right away. She continued in her Connie fashion, after listening to me say that all the stress had taken a toll on me and that I wasn’t feeling well.  She told me “now Myia you have to take care of yourself. You’ve been through a lot too, so you make sure to get into the Doctor as well”. I will NEVER FORGET all the love and care Connie gave to me in my time of need. She was truly a gift from God. I miss her dearly, but I know she has been fully restored and smiles down on us from above. 

Everyday I see her smiling face on my screen saver and say to myself
 “Hey Connie Girl”...

We love & miss you Connie - DuWayne & Myia

Thank you for writing this beautiful entry. It really touch my heart to know that Aintee touched your lives in such a way that you will never forget. Your story is a reminder to us all that GOD is in control and he will send you exactly what you need, when you need it.
Thank You Myia

I have never met Myia personally. She emailed me when I posted my first blog entry just one week ago. She now sends me daily msgs and we even exchange emails. GOD is in control and I am so glad to now have Myia in my life. Aintee you are still watching over us and we love you.

I leave you with this powerful song because we all have a "Need You Now" moment and I need you now!

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