Thursday, July 21, 2011

Show Love

Happy Thursday!!!
I received this message via text from my childhood friend Stephanie and I wanted to share it. Every word of this is very true and I am so grateful for all of you. Thanks Stephanie!!

One day I won’t be here. One day when you have a problem you won’t be able to call me to ask for help. One day when you want to send me a message I won’t ever receive it. One day when I’m not here I won’t be able to tell you that I love you so much and I cherish every moment I have with you. Never regret anything we did. Regret the things we didn’t have a chance to do because it was too late. Remember all the laughs we got to share and the tears we got to see roll off each other’s faces. Remember all the hugs and air kisses. Don’t ever leave my side when I need you because I will never leave you. -send this to every person in your life that you love just to tell them you love them forever! Real Friends Show Love!
I was so blessed to have an Aintee like Connie and I never imagined my life without her. Aintee Connie gave love and received plenty of love in return. Do me a favor and share the love you have with the people around you. I know that there is enough to go aroundJ
Until next time let’s live life and love life.

Btw, I am sending some extra love to Miss Paris Connie. I know Aintee would have showered her some sweet Grannie LOVE. WE LOVE YOU PARIS !
Aintee Connie style all the way:)


  1. Hi Lakeesha,
    Such a cute photo of Paris Connie...she's stylin'! Congratulations on reaching 50 deserve it!
    Your blog girlfriend,

  2. Hey Lakeesha,

    Great idea and very nice blog. Your auntie is very proud of you I'm sure


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