Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't Forget About You Friday!!!

Welcome to our 6th Don’t Forget about you Friday Event!
I get so excited to report in on “Don’t Forget about you Friday”
For the new bees we started, "Don’t Forget About You Friday’s” started about 3 months ago. Every other Friday you have to buy something for yourself and share it with Connie’s Purse followers.  This idea stems from Aintee Connie loving Friday’s and shopping. We will honor her memory by treating ourselves to a little something every other Friday.
This is what I picked up…

I decided to start stocking up on socks. If you notice they have the cutest socks out in the summer when you really don’t need them. Shopping for socks, tights and stockings was something Aintee Connie and I did all the time. My mom is a big sock fan too. That’s right, Aintee Connie had it together even down to the socks she would wear. I really miss shopping with her because she would always find the cutest stuff. I still have the socks that she was wearing the day she passed and I’m going to pack them away in her box that I found. Sometimes in life it’s the smallest things that you do with people is what they will remember mostJ

Connie’s Purse Follower Check In:
Cheryl, my blog girlfriend checked in last week with her purchase from TJ MAX (Another store Aintee Connie Loved) where she found an orange leather purse. Sounds just like something Aintee Connie would purchase. Thanks for sharing Cheryl.
Also, I wanted to share this picture of Miss Paris Connie. This is exactly how I feel today. Enough of this week already!!! She is just so cute and I can't wait to take her sock shopping!!

If you would like to share your “Don’t Forget About You Friday” purchase please leave a comment or send me an email at
Until next time let’s live life and love life. People will still Love you if you Love yourself.
Our next “Don’t Forget About You” session will be Friday, July 8, 2011.

Happy Shopping!!!!!


  1. Aunt Ernestine Said...
    Yes keep Connie's socks and when Paris Connie get older this is a story for her. Kiss my sister Bonnie for me. Have a GREAT weekend.

  2. Lil Red Said...
    You really make my day and my heart feel heavy for Connie, I know she is so very proud of you. It still just so hard to believe she is no longer on earth but still in spirit.

    God Bless Love You


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